Pasticceria Citterio turns 100 Years. An important milestone to celebrate.

2022 marks a significant milestone for Pasticceria Citterio.
It is well over One Hundred Years that several generations of pastry chefs have been lovingly and passionately churning out sweets for all ages and tastes.

For the occasion, the Pastry Shop led by Cristiano Villa, confirmed for communication activities the creativity of Memesi.

The goal, to engage and amaze customers while staying true to the Brand identity. The result? Double.
- A new ad hoc corporate identity, capable of taking the taste of tradition and enriching it with modern traits, accompanied all the activities carried out during the year.
- A mouth-watering contest, inspired by one of the most famous fantasy stories of all time, starred the most iconic product, which has always been present on the counter of Pasticceria Citterio.

In short, each activity was an expression of a perfect balance between heritage e innovation. The right definition for the sweets packaged by Pasticceria Citterio.


Canzo, 1922

A figure in a white jacket peeps out of his workshop.

It is not known, precisely, who is the author of this shot and what moment he fixed on film.

Whoever he was, as if by magic, he immortalized more than the tangible: without realizing it, he succeeded in the feat of transporting to us some signs, laden with meaning.

These, which have now become symbols, are the foundational values on which Pasticceria Citterio has built its history.

Sleeves rolled up, commitment and sacrifice.

The stained jacket, passion and experimentation.

The smile, the pride of a proud man, rewardedby his efforts.

We like to believe that it was evening on that distant day.

Mr. Citterio, in the doorway of the Pastry Shop, actually knew this.

That picture would not have remained at the mercy of dust and the erosion of the years.

It has become a postcard, but even more so. The icon of a country, the crossroads of wayfarers who came from afar in search of peace and pleasure.

It is the cover of a story, our story, steeped of knowledge, tradition and passion.

A resilient History, which has been able to innovate over time by writing more chapters.

New protagonists, players in a brand that has become iconic, who, in keeping with what Mr. Citterio was able to conceive, gracefully shape refined, quality products and raw materials.

Flour in the laboratory has gone by, and after a long century, this tale is more alive than ever.

One hundred years made famous also thanks to the people who, day day after day, live and appreciate Pasticceria Citterio.


Created in 1922 by Mr. Citterio, Nocciolino quickly became part of Brianza's tradition and culture.

It has been 100 years since then.

Ownership has changed but the Pastry Workshop continues to pay tribute to its founder, preserving the secrets of the small sweet product and overseeing its preparation, completely by hand with natural and local ingredients.

All this is possible thanks to the passion and skills of the protagonists of the new course who are capable of making skillful yet delicate use of the opportunities offered by innovation, in terms of techniques and materials.

Thus, Nocciolino becomes Niscìurìtt, keeping its connection to the past intact and turning its soul, always sweet and crumbly, to the future.


As of June 1, 2022, 5 Niscìurìtt d'Oro were randomly placed in some 200 g packs.

The small surprises made of real yellow carat gold with fusion technique represented our "Golden Ticket": the 5 lucky discoverers of Niscìurìtt d'Oro, starting in the second half of September together with 4 friends, had the chance to access the next level of Activation, that is, the Masterclasses, real private lessons of high pastry, under the guidance and advice of Pastry Chef Cristiano.

citterio pastry hundred nisciuritt - memesi

8.25 ounces butter - 8.25 ounces hazelnuts - 8.25 ounces sugar - 8.25 ounces potato starch - 8.25 ounces flour - one egg - lemon bark scrapings - powdered sugar - two egg yolks.

The Talisman of Happiness, 1946 - Alda Boni