Headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, Tognola Group has been operating for more than 15 years in the real estate market with the determination to pursue its values and achieve increasingly visionary and complex objectives. Vision is what allows the Group to establish itself with extraordinary results and to enjoy the highest level of trust from its clients and partners.

Together with Memesi, Tognola Group has embarked on a targeted communication path, with the aim of promoting its business on the international scene, starting with the rebranding of the brand.


Tognola Group

Lugano, CH


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Tognola Group Lugano

Tognola. A creative, rational and strong identity.

The rebranding of Tognola Group is based above all on colour. Dark, deep shades, easily recognisable due to their lack of clarity: a blue that is almost black, a cream that is almost white.

The building lines are rational and well-proportioned, with an upward thrust, with little space between the individual letters. This wants to represent a solid and decisive reality.

Each aesthetic choice is dictated by the exclusivity of the Brand, which positions itself on the market with exclusive and high standing solutions, aimed at demanding and classy customers.

GF Smith Colorplan sample cards

The brand's identity is also expressed through everyday paper tools. That's why the search for the perfect material was a fundamental step, at the beginning of the creative process - even before developing any tool graphically.

A very special paper by G.F. Smith from the Colorplan collection was selected for the brand.
All the instruments, handcrafted in collaboration with Grafica Gioia, use this particular blue pasteboard with a refined appearance. The print, rigorously silkscreen, was made with Pantone colours, mixing shades to obtain the exact shade from the Visual Identity Manual.

Painstaking work for a unique result.

Tognola Group corporate image
Tognola Group Lugano

The Brand's website, the result of a skilful design, sums up all the essence of the Group: reductionism, elegance, modernity and character.

The structural and aesthetic elements fit together harmoniously thanks to the careful construction and association of the different components - visual and textual. All this is enhanced by the brand's own colour palette and font.

The same attention is paid to the creation of the social feed, where original photographic content is mixed with graphic elements and inspirational subjects, with the aim of creating a portrait of the Tognola Group lifestyle. Here, the common thread linking one piece of content to another is colour.


For the new residence under construction in Sankt Moritz, Chesa Fortuna, Memesi worked with Alvin Grassi,
Creative Director of Tognola Group, to design and develop the logo.

Chesa Fortuna Sankt Moritz

Architecture is a dream, geometry its story.

Carlo Farroni