Turco Design chooses Milan and relies on Memesi

Turco Design chooses Milan and relies on Memesi

With projects in the Principality of Monte Carlo, the UAE and Azerbaijan, Turco Design is the all-Italian family firm that dictates excellence in interior design at the residential, nautical and contract levels.

The Turco Family's refined taste and passion for art translate into an unmistakable contemporary style that embraces the beautiful and the functional.
Turco Design stands out for its refined materials and attention to stylistic trends, which have ensured the brand's success first in Italy's most exclusive ski resorts and now beyond national borders.

The passion for quality and elegance is reflected not only in the interior design projects, but also in Turco's own signature furniture collection made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The brand is present on the Italian territory in four prestigious locations, from Villanova di Mondovì - the birthplace of the Turco Family, to Porto Cervo, Santa Margherita Ligure and the brand new Milan location.

The landing in Milan coincides with the choice of rebranding, which involves the revision of brand architecture, naming, logo and the opening of a new website.
Thus begins the collaboration with Memesi, which, after a thorough upstream brand architecture strategy, accompanies Turco Design in the definition of an updated pictogram-logo pairing and in the development of the new website, created from scratch to fit the elegant and contemporary identity of the brand in its multiple declinations.