A creative bridge between Como and Novara

A creative bridge between Como and Novara

New look for HCD, a studio based in the centre of Novara that deals with the design and creation of all types of office furniture and work environments. Their activity is based on continuous research aimed at improving the relationship between man and his work space, focusing on the constituent elements of the environment itself: ergonomics, quality of materials, light, colours and sound, all of which are directly consumed by the body.

Memesi was chosen to develop the new website and design the new brand image, with a new logo and stationery tailored to the firm's needs.

A clear, geometric, sharp and rational graphic representation. A plan, i.e. the daily scope of work, an acronym and a payoff, contained proportionally in the plan itself. Outside the plan there is nothing. The clear positions allow a reading on several levels: from the acronym it is possible to go back to the statement 'Human workspace solutions', reinforcing what can be defined as the very mission of the Brand.

All details can be seen in the case study.